Empowered Aid at a Glance

This page houses condensed versions of the robust resources Empowered Aid has to offer. These quick overviews are meant to briefly orient readers to Empowered Aid's resources and processes, while referencing our in-depth briefs, toolkits, and other full-length resources found in the Case Study Library, Making Distributions Safer, Participatory Methods, and Adapting Empowered Aid to your Context tabs under the Tools and Resources section of the Empowered Aid Website.


Purple cover photo for Empowered Aid overview brief which features Empowered Aid logo in white, and descriptions of Empowered Aid approaches.

Empowered Aid Overview Brief

The Empowered Aid Overview Brief provides a brief background on our approach, core activities, timeline, achievements to date and future plans. The Overview brief is also available in SpanishFrench, and Arabic.


Image of Empowered Aid roadmap including purple icons

Empowered Roadmap

The Empowered Aid Roadmap provides step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate Empowered Aid findings into your work. This one pager document links to several SEA risk mitigating resources and is also available in Spanish, French, and Arabic.


Image of a purple document highlighting all of Empowered Aid resources including research findings, briefs, trainings, sector tip sheets, and manuals.

Empowered Aid: Our Resources

 The Empowered Aid Resources sheet holds a summary of available resources, including research finding reports and briefs, training manuals and facilitation guides, sector tip sheets, webinars and panel presentations.